Saturday, May 23, 2009


I'm getting annoyed with my camera >:( It's losing photos. I'm not sure if it's the batteries (I've got some Energiser batteries, but not the ones advertised for cameras) if it is because I've dropped it one time too many (blush) Of course the problem really comes up because I took a photo of Mark licking his plate at dinner tonight. I was going to post it and say how I told him not to do it in front of either of his grandparents, but it didn't save, so now I can't and... oh well. I know it was taken, because I noted that I would have to do red-eye removal before posting. Just checked the card again, and - nope, not there.
On the up side, I may be able to upgrade. er... When we get some money. hmm... Could be a while.

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