Thursday, May 28, 2009

Webb Park - Part 2

Look at this fine fellow. He just sat there as I walked closer and closer to get a good shot. Finally, he condescended to look at me. I grabbed my shot and left :)

How's this for a view? You stand a the top, and the park drops away in front of you. The play area in the foreground is one of the upper areas. Over the edge it drops down to the lower playing field/area.

Lower down, and looking through the trees. This is right on the edge of the range - any further, and you're just about falling off Toowoomba.

I think this was from another area of the park - halfway down?

From the top, the other side of the play area.

And again. Magnificent.

There's a boarding school right across the road from the park. Their boarding accomodations are located and aligned so that the boarders have an even better view out over the valley. Although I don't think you would want to be there if you were frightened of storms!


  1. lovely view! i used to take the train thru Toowoomba into Brisbane if I am thinking correctly. From RAAF Amberly. Loe that part of the world

  2. Great set. I'd love to go to that playground.

  3. What a vast park area - looks as though you could wander and dream forever!

  4. Excellent shots to say the least. The last one is my favourite.

    Have a great weekend.
    Regina In Pictures

  5. Those last views are just astonishing, so blue.

  6. That's an amazing park, a great place to spend a day or more. I really like all the shots, but I think the first one is my favorite. He's very regal looking down at you, isn't he!?

  7. Wow - thanks, everyone, for your kind comments. Paul, isn't Amberley close to Ipswich? We're another hour West of there, in that case.
    The park is an amazing place - you can stand on the road, and look down to the first plateau where I took the last 2 pics, as well as the actual play area, and then you go to the edge, and look down to the next area (where I took the middle two pics, I think) and then it goes down again.

  8. Great shots of your surroudings. The kookaburra certainly was obliging and somewhere in the middle of your pics, there is a gumtree lit like a Hans Haysen painting.