Wednesday, May 13, 2009

[singing] I can see clearly now....

I recently got some glasses. I was told some time ago (er... 15 years ago?) that I needed glasses, and the original optometrist was said she was surprised that I wasn't getting headaches without them. Didn't get the glasses then. Didn't get glasses for at least 5 years after that, and when I did, they were cheap ones which didn't impress me. They wore out, and I didn't replace them.
Well, I had been noticing blurriness when I get tired, so I went out, got some health insurance, and bought some glasses. Yikes! The cost! And that's without getting the Donna Karan frames that I liked! And I didn't really notice a difference, except that I did get a headache (sometimes) with the glasses. And when I went to put them on while driving at night, after not wearing them during the day, they blurred my vision. I couldn't wear them!
So I went back to the optometrist. She explained that I had been so used to forcing my eyes to focus that when I put the glasses on after not wearing them all day, my eyes couldn't adjust quickly enough to the change in focus. Apparently I a) am long-sighted (Really? I would have sworn I was short-sighted!) b) with a strong astygmatism, and c) a lazy eye (or something like that.) So my lens prescription involves bringing the focus to the right length, making it into the right shape/focus point, and forcing my eyes to both look in the same direction.
I have now been wearing my glasses fairly regularly for a while, and I am now finding that I want them a lot more. I can still get by without them, but it has become easier to wear them. Thinking about it, I can actually see the point about long-sightedness. I have always hated being too close to the monitor - maybe a sign? Also, I now know I have my mother to blame. She apparently also has an astygmatism. It's all her fault! I can't remember if she is long- or short-sighted, though.

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