Sunday, May 17, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

The week in which I aim to actually cook all the recipes I actually nominate. There have been times over the last week, where I have forgotten to pull the meat out in time, or didn't get to the shop in time, or hubby has wanted to do something, or something has happened. As for Saturday night - we we so full from the party, and I was so over making, that we just had something light and available. Anyway, moving on.

Menu Plan Monday! With thanks to Org Junkie for hosting this.

My plans for the week

Monday - Chicken Normandy. Have the chicken out, defrosting, the apple juice bottle is actually open, I have no excuses.
Tuesday - Beef Casserole. I have also pulled out the packet of stewing beef, so it should be well and truly defrosted for tomorrow morning.
Wednesday - Chicken Satay. Using the last packet of chicken in the freezer. I love satay, and this is so simple.
Thursday - Daube of Beef. Using the rest of the beef currently defrosting (I knew that I would make 2 meals out of it when I bought it.) This recipe appears to be just my casserole with leeks. Well, I have leeks to be used, might as well use them.
Friday - Tuna Casserole. An old standby. Must make sure I have eggs.
Saturday - Meatball Parmigiana. Really want to make this, really haven't so far. Sigh...
Sunday - Lamb Casserole. Love lamb. Love Casserole. Have lamb necks in the freezer, waiting for this. Yum.

We shall see.

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