Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Bethy!

Well, we survived the birthday party. As it turned out, there were 2 guests, and none of the parents stayed for the whole party, so, naturally, I over-catered. I didn't even get to probably half of the stuff I arranged. I still have cookie dough in the fridge, as well as bread dough (was going to make pizza rolls - will now make dinner rolls.) I gave my Mum a box of crackers, all the left-over marshmallow cones, and something else that I forget at the moment, and still have a lot of stuff left over. We have plenty of party food, which I'm trying to reserve for the next party, in about 3 weeks. Cheerios/cocktail franks are sitting in the freezer, along with the spare kabana. In the meantime, it's back to eating real food (poor kiddies, having to eat veges :D )
Beth ended up getting 5 complete outfits (which she needed - the girl's been sprouting up unbelievably!) as well as a password diary, a jewellery making set (from her guests) and some other gifts. On her actual birthday we gave her a Bible (very pretty) and some things to go with it. She's reading through it now.
Anyway, I have uploaded photos to Flickr for your viewing pleasure.

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