Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Having a party!

My baby turns 12 on Sunday! Well, when I say 'baby', I mean, of course, my eldest. Beautiful Bethy is turning 12, and we're having a party. On Saturday afternoon, and unknown number of children, though less than 6, will be turning up for munchies and fun. So what do you do for a 12yo birthday party? We've been pretty low-key with parties for a long time, mainly just celebrating within the family, maybe with the cousins. Do 12yo's do pass the parcel, or is it only if there's make-up, jewellery or phones up for grabs?
As for the menu, I'm planning, well, party food. Food that there's no way I would serve to them ordinarily, but let's have fun! Cheerios/cocktail franks/whatever, pizza scrolls, kabana, cheese and Jatz crackers, dip, chips, stuff like that, along with some sweet stuff, but not so much. Beth has decided on a Mega Cupcake cake for her birthday - 2 butter cakes, baked in pudding bowls, and one placed on top of the other to create the cupcake shape. Ice and decorate for a full-on sugar rush. I'm also thinking of fairy cakes (hubby wants them renamed 'angel cakes' as we don't do fairies ;) ) and marshmallow cones. I already have some flat-bottomed ice-cream cones, so I might as well.
Anyway, it should be fun, and I have orders to take heaps of photos. Must buy spare batteries.

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