Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mum, I give up

A few years ago, Mum bought me a bread maker. She knew I like to bake and all that, and got one at a great deal. But I don't like using bread makers. They're noisy, and take forever (it seems) and you just can't let the bread cook in there! Not if you want a decent looking loaf, anyway. So it went to the top of the freezer, and sat there. When we moved here, it went into the bottom of my pantry, and sat there. Until tonight.

You see I have arthritis in my hands, and even my wrists and elbows hurt at times. Writing gets painful after a little while (not long, actually) while typing is ok - I can do that for ages. Mouse-clicking does aggravate it, but only after a while of concentrated work. And kneading dough.
Although, looking back, it might have helped to add the extra 1/4 cup of water that I missed, but still, 10-15 minutes of kneading is a bit much. I know there are other methods, but they tend to produce a more rustic loaf, and I wanted just a normal loaf.
Well, I made one loaf today using the normal methods, but then I pulled out The Beast. I measured. I placed. I switched on. And I went into another room. 90 minutes later, it squealed (yes, it squeals - meh) and I went in and retrieved the dough. White (I used plain flour) stretchy, soft dough awaited me. I pulled it out, played with it for a while - very different texture to the wholemeal dough that I did by hand - and then made it into buns. If you do happen to use the recipe from Simple Savings (or my version) it will make 8 big (say, hamburger-sized) buns, which I then cooked at 200C for 20 minutes. The loaf is supposed to cook for 30 minutes. Next time, I will make it into at least 12 buns, and try 15 minutes.
I think this break maker is about to get a workout ;)

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  1. Hi I came across your blog when i was looking for other mums with arthritis. Mine affects mainly my hands too. I also have a bread maker I am trying to get to grips with!